Monday, 27 February 2012

The Nightjar

As mentioned in my Tapas 'early night' post, sometimes early nights do not go as planned. On the eve of my Birthday I was thrilled (in the end) it didn't turn out this way, otherwise who knows when I would have discovered Nightjar?

Old Street station is somewhere I travel through everyday, either walking, running or on the bus. I've never noticed this place before and that is probably - like all the best places it is just an unassuming doorway with a lot of love inside. By this point in the evening we were a group of 10. It was around 1030pm and we had to queue outside for around 5 minutes while they prepared a table. As soon as we got in the atmosphere was very cool, not pretentious or 'East London', but laid back with Jazz playing. Unfortunately the live jazz band were just packing up.

We were presented with the menu and a recommendation - go for the sharing cocktails. So we did. My favourite was the Swedish Punch the other was the Little Entente. We ended up having four bowls between us, and enjoyed every last drop. We also celebrated my birthday (midnight anyway) in here, and they gave me a souvenir pack of branded cards with a different cocktail recipe on each one. That's my idea of a king of hearts...

 Swedish Punch (top)
Little Entente

Happy Birthday to me!
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