Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Domestic Sluttery

Domestic to cheat your way to the good life, basically my new bible. An amazing coffee table book I discovered a week or so ago.

Split into four sections...Home, Style, Living and Food & Drink this book has everything the modern day working woman needs to survive. Straight talking advice and top tips.

I will of course be updating you when I try the amazing looking recipes but for now here are some of my favourite quips:


You don't need to be an interior designer to try our tips, you just need a little inspiration, a bit of style and a bottle of wine or two. The rest will come together on its own. For the days that it doesn't, that's what the wine is for.
If you give domestic sluts a choice, laundry and dishes would be the very last thing we did. So we don't always do it - and we don't feel guilty about that either.

Food & Drink:

Domestic Sluts are always thinking about food
Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's not the best (no meal that starts before 9am ever could be). The wonder that is brunch lets you sleep in on Sunday, eat a glorious mix of the best breakfast goodies AND steak, all while drinking cocktails? Brunch the Domestic Sluts salute you.


Domestic Sluts don't believe in saving things for best
Number 2 in 'The 10 Style Commandments' = thou shalt not listen to thine mother (sorry Mum, but it's true)


Regardless of how busy the Domestic Slut gets, we always do our best to remember to laugh. Usually at ourselves
Packing. Ugh
Shop for anything on your lunch break. 8am: Make sure you're looking your best. Rushed shopping can't be done with dry shampooed hair, rubbish shoes and a hungover head. At least start with doing your make up on the train. 11am: Start shopping online while your boss isn't looking

Hands up, who else is a Domestic Slut?
Buy your copy here No coffee table should be without one.
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