Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Queen of Falafel

I love falafel, and hummus. I am also trying to be healthy as a) I am running and b) I am going on holiday soon, the bikini kind - not the ski suit kind. As you may know from previously I'm pretty good at being good until late afternoon. One place I love but don't work near anymore, is Pilpel. An unassuming joint that quite simply serves falafel and hummus.

Yesterday I hopped on a bus. The bus driver almost won the award for best driver ever by 'poo-pooing' the actual stop in favour of dropping me off exactly where I wanted to go, but spectacularly lost this title by hollering at me as I exited the (thankfully empty) bus; 'buy some winter clothes'. Cheek I know, but I didn't realise last night when I packed my bag after a lovely sunny weekend the heavens were going to open. Some may argue my floral mini was completely appropriate for May, but anyway, I digress...

The end of this bus ride was One New Change for a bit of holiday shopping. It was also the home of Pilpel. Check out this bad boy. I had to wait to get back to the office to tackle as you Can. Not. Eat. On. The. Move. I had mine with everything including extra chili and pickle. It was immense and amazingly healthy. Loads of veg, chickpeas and brown yet fluffy bread. A-mazing. (Is it just me or does the top picture look like the Rolling Stones icon? No...just me? OK then)

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