Friday, 11 May 2012

Beach Blanket Babylon

What are Bank Holiday's for...if not wandering around East London and drinking cocktails? These also aren't any cocktails, we were at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch for some seriously good concoctions. I opted first off for one of their specialities, a porn star martini, served with a shot of champagne on the site (for sipping rather than downing, behave this is a civilised place...) I then went for a purple blanket. Take a look at the menu and see what you fancy...

My companion plumped for a BBB Bramble and a Diablo Beach, which was fairly lethal for a Monday... Tequila = not my best friend. The decor in BBB is also gorgeous, very sumptuous and decadent without being over bearing. I love the huge clock (although it wasn't working)

Ready to grab a seat at the bar? Do it. Find them here. 
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