Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Carrie Travels; The Amalfi Coast

Following my Sorrento marathon of a post I promised an update on both the Amalfi coast and Capri. Now I intend to keep that promise.First thing was first - we had to head down to the harbour of Sorrento to get the boat. You can drive, but sailing around the coast is far more fun. This was down the mammoth cliff face (almost) via 131 steps. Yes we counted. The harbour is pretty gorge. 

On arrival in the port of Amalfi it was bloody windy. We aimed towards what looked like the centre of town and tried to escape the blusters. We seemed to find the central square very easily. It was lovely. Drink was the first thing on the menu, out of the gale was preferable. We ended up at a lovely little 'typical' cafe just at the foot of the church stairs. We wanted a light lunch so ordered wine and a slice of pizza. I would love to see what the whole pizza looked like if these were slices!

While here we seen the most gorgeous beagle puppy. The owner even tried to make him pose for me but it was to no avail he was far too interested in sniffing out everything around. To work off the pizza slice we walked up the stairs to the church. We couldn't go in as I was not wearing a dress past my knees and did not have anything to cover my shoulders with. Not that bothered...we could still see some nice shops...

Not your average pizza express
Where we had lunch

As in Sorrento the fruit and vegetables are amazing. I particularly liked the natural Viagra on offer.

We hopped on the boat back into Sorrento and walked up the million stairs. I liked Amalfi but it was good to be back. It could just be we didn't know where we were going but it felt very small and that there wasn't much to do.
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