Monday, 11 June 2012

Polo in the Park

Sunday this week was the Mint Polo final. The forecast was for the morning it looked like it was holding out...fingers crossed.

This is the first time I've attended the Mint at Hurlingham in West London. Previously I have been to The Cartier international, which is a very formal affair and we love to get dressed up (here's last year popping onto the Pimms bus...)

As the British summer was not playing ball, we had to opt for something safer, and Hurlingham is more informal we could get away with appropriate British Summer dress. This included a jacket for a start, and shoes would be a problem. Record: you cannot stomp divots in stiletto heels. Wedges are the best option, so I plumped for a cropped trouser:
Jacket: Balenciaga
T-shirt: Zara
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Stylistpick
Stocking up in the Crown and Corgi we were ready for some pony action. The bar did not have slimline tonic (shocker) so I opted for a rum and diet coke as my 'treat' as I am still trying to keep to my diet. The match was made up of 4 'chukkas' or quarters if you like. At 'half time' (i.e. after the first two chukkas...are you staying with me?) you get to go on  the field and stomp the divots. Much fun.

VS Moscow

Stomping Divots

After this match it was time for time for lunch. Being in the area Harrods set up shop as the caterer for the weekend. Thankfully they had reasonably healthy options. I went for a tuna nicoise salad, which although was smothered in dressing felt like a good choice.

By this time it started to rain, however we managed to stay under our brollies and watch the 'War Horse' stunt display. They make it look so easy...makes you think you could ride a horse with one foot on each while standing up and racing...hmmm.

Polo is such good fun, lovely crowds and a great day out, but mainly when the sun shines. See you at the Cartier International!
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