Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glossybox - June Beauty Edition

I was really looking forward to this months box so - as ever - got very excited when the postman arrived. He usually just has mine (I have it delivered to work) this time he had arms full. I am taking credit for spreading the good word around the building. He didn't look too chuffed with all the extra weight lifting though.

Speaking of weight, it wasn't very heavy. I know it doesn't equal quality but I like a box with a bit of weight to it! Makes me feel I'm in for a real treat. When I opened the box I could see why, the products were mainly very dainty.

First thing to notice was the large card that housed 6 Vichy Derma Blend concealers. They are almost packaged like pills. It's a shame everyone will only get the benefit from one of these little pill poppers, depending on the tone of their skin. A colleague tried it out and was really impressed. Personally I don't use a lot of concealer products - just a Bobbi Brown under eye kit, but generally I can get away without (she says...cue break out.)

Next up I grabbed the Agent Provocateur Perfume, this was satisfyingly heavy for a perfume sample. It wasn't until later I opened it to realise it was actually three standard (re: small) perfume samples. The black one 'L'Agent is very eveningy and quite strong. I liked it and someone would certainly know if you walked within a few feet of them wearing it. Think very heavy hanging in the air (and because it's black I'm now thinking boudoir. Perhaps this is the desired effect). The pink one next - simply called Agent Provocateur, I'm guessing it is the signature fragrance. This was much nicer, spring like and feminine. You could easily get away with this everyday and still not be forgotten. The red one - Maitresse I didn't rate as much. It is quite spicy and very heavy, but not in the good way of the first.

I'm now up to my eyes in tiny perfume samples! I may change my preferences so I don't get so many of these. However a colleague in another box had a huge Caudalie perfume. Me, jealous?!
Next up I was very happy to see a new make up brush. I think we are all probably guilty of not washing/binning our make up brushes often enough, but when you do you really notice the difference. Just what I need, and at a value of £15 that's this months box paid for itself. Thank you very much.

Next up is the teeny tiny, yet gorgeous brushed mascara. I really liked the brush as soon as I pulled it out and you can't go far wrong with black mascara. I will definitely be trying this as a new contender. I am currently using a combination of Benefit 'They're Real' and L'oreal  False Lash Telescopic. They both do the job, but I am still open to finding a new one. At full size this comes in at a RRP of £16.90, so right in the middle of the scale (for a decent mascara.) The brand is Yves Rocher France in 'Sexy Pulp'.
You can see how carefully I opened the box

Finally the BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer. I would love to find a brush small enough and effective enough to go in this pot! Personally I'm not a big advocate of bronzer as I am so fair skinned (I generally come in the 'porcelain' shade). There's £2 worth in this pot. Not sure if that will ever get used to be honest. Perhaps I will try and fashion into some sort of eye shadow/highlighter affair.

After seeing some of the other products available in the June box I wouldn't rate mine as high as some previous months. I would have loved the Paul Mitchell Conditioner and Clean Start day and Night kit. Still, this is the luck of the draw! Also, apologies for the quality of the pictures, I have left my camera cord elsewhere...Instagram it is.
Now I know why the box was so light..
Until next month...
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