Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stylist Magazine Beauty Picnic

Last night I was invited to the Stylist Magazine summer beauty picnic. M&S bubbles, Space NK makeup and manicures? Marks & Spencer food and drink? I'm in.

These things can be billed much better than the reality, thankfully this didn't just live up to expectations, it exceeded them on all levels. On arrival, a gorgeous goodie bag awaited, bonus. I personally prefer to wait until I get home, OK at least on the tube until I dive in to a goodie bag. Firstly, so not cool to pretend to be impressed by a goodie bag, secondly I like the surprise. My date however could not contain herself! B was right in excitedly telling me what was stuffed under the tissue paper, you however have to wait. (I will tell you it was satisfyingly heavy, and there was a sneaky copy of the latest stylist magazine poking out)...

Having my nails already done (obviously) and my make up fully prepped, I was keen on the hand massage on offer from the Space NK treatments available. I can see how one would be completely made over had they the time or inclination.

Luckily we arrived in good time and there wasn't a queue for such services. We had our massages which took between 10-15 minutes, I wasn't counting nor was I aware...I was enjoying. I also haven't any photos of myself enjoying the treatment (I was enjoying it, duh...) but you get the idea. It was heaven. I chose the Brighton scent from the four products available. They are all based on traditional UK scents from the southern coast to the Scottish highlands via West London.

B then wanted to take advantage of the manicure and nail painting, so I stocked up on a plate of  food and waited with her for a manicurist to be available. The goodies was compliments of Marks & Spencer, who had on offer some delicious sandwiches, rolls and deserts. I wasn't aware they stocked some of the things and I'm in M&S a fair bit! The chorizo and chicken rolls were the stand out for me, as was the patisserie cream on the fresh fruit tarts, deelish.

Rococo nail varnishes were on offer, one of these may have also been in the goodie bag...

Choux - or something creamy like that. Yum
Fresh fruit tarts, the patisserie cream in these was incredible

The Cava flowed freely and the setting was gorge. The harpist set the mood amazingly, and was rocking a seriously gorgeous simple yet elegant long black dress.

Apply heavily from hand to mouth to cure bad hair day

All in all a top evening. So the goodie bag...what lies within, luckily for me the Brighton bath and body lotion, the same scent I chose in the moisturiser for my hand massage. It honestly is divine, every time my hand comes near my face (even now hours later) I can smell it. You are unlucky that you can't. Also within; a 'Jean Queen' lip gloss and a Rococo nail varnish in a colour that would suit anyone. The total  RRP of the goodie bag is over £55 (I Googled, this is not advertised in the bag!)

Check out the bath lotions here
Buy yours here
You can buy this here
Thank you Stylist Magazine for inviting us, thank you M&S for the food and drink and thank you Space NK for the pampering. We felt truly spoilt and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was a treat to be on Manchester Square again after working there relentlessly all those years ago...
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