Saturday, 16 June 2012

En-Ger-Land, En-Ger-Land, En-Ger-Land

For the last few days I have been at a film festival. Cannes I hear you ask? Tribeca? Well no. Sheffield. Oh the glamour and excitement. It was actually an interesting and productive couple of days. If you are so inclined there is a link to a documentary/movie you aught to check out below - Being Elmo (and this is in no way promotion, we have nothing to do with it, it just looks ruddy good!!)

Anyway, on to the title of this post. While in Sheffield the second game of England's Euro campaign was on. England have not beaten Sweden in a competitive match ever (apparently). This was rectified last night after a very nail biting match that ended 3-2. Now I like to watch football in pubs. Rather a lot actually. A bit of atmosphere goes a long way to my anticipation and heartache that usually comes with watching a game.
Looking a bit school uniform-esque
The emotions of an England supporter go from elation to doubt to self defeat to expectation back to elation, if you're lucky...I literally had a sore throat from screaming at the TV, nothing compared to these obviously die hard northerners residing in the pub with me.

We now have to go through the whole thing again on Tuesday when England take on the Ukraine - a game we should really win (she says...) The above picture is what I had on for the occasion, whipping off my sweater for the game. I really like this years blue strip, but I prefer the above white one (from the 2010 World Cup) to this year's which has more red accents.

Also while in Sheffield I was still trying to maintain my diet. Not easy when travelling with work, having long days late nights, early morning and hosting/attending a multitude of cocktail parties. For convenience on the first evening we went to Strada. I was worried. I really didn't fancy a salad but figured in an Italian where Pizza and Pasta were going to be front and centre it was going to be my only option. I was really pleasantly surprised to see 'healthy choices' subtly marked on the menu with a small leaf next to the options. The surprise (or maybe it's not too much of a surprise) only one of the four salads had this mark signifying it had less than 600 calories.
Working dinner
More restaurants should take this approach, it really helps to make informed decisions. It also allowed me to opt for the black cuttlefish ink pasta with crab and other delightful things instead of making a bad choice of a chicken salad that had more calories and would be way less satisfying. I am impressed and was not at all jealous of the mammoth pizzas that covered the rest of the tables. The side of broccoli I ordered was supposed to come in a chili butter (yum) but I asked for this with chili but no butter. It was delish Thank you Strada.

Just in case you are so inclined and are a fan of Elmo (if you aren't, you are clearly in need of this)...

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