Friday, 29 June 2012

Street Food

Last week we were quite sad to be leaving our offices behind in the heart of the diamond district and a stones throw from Leather Lane. Leather Lane is an eclectic mix of food stalls, market stalls selling 'high street' goods and little boutique shops - as well as some surprises like Agent Provocateur. 

We have however moved to much nicer offices in the heart of Clerkenwell in a gorgeous square amongst lovely bars restaurants, but seemingly no street food. On a lunchtime explore yesterday I discovered Exmouth Market. Basically I died and went to lunchtime heaven. Unlike Leather Lane, Exmouth Market doesn't sell tat or have market stalls cluttering up the ambiance. Instead of these? Lovely bars, cafes and restaurants spilling out into the street and a small row of amazing looking street food. Another thing to note? The clientèle are much snappier and attractive!

I didn't queue for this one, but it looks like it will be good

I went for the Spanish flatbread. Partially because the queue was long enough for me to be reassured about it's taste, but not long or confusing enough for me to make a muppet of myself. It was delicious, garlic-y, covered in chili flakes and packed with chorizo and BBQ'd chicken. 

I expect to be frequenting Exmouth Market Street Food and the bars and restaurants on offer a lot in the future. Too much choice, but I love the new office...particularly the ground floor...

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