Friday, 22 June 2012

The Glamorous

Tonight is not what I would call a lavish evening, nor was it particularly glamorous. There were drinks involved in a pretty nice bar. Pretty average, but the discussion was far from...and superbly glamorous.

The occasion for the drinks and nice bar, was that we had to get together to compare diaries. We made a plan to make a plan...terrible I know. Getting four people in the same room on any given evening  is a challenge, getting those people out of the country for a sneaky jaunt is another thing entirely.

Amazingly we seem to have a cracked it with a date so achingly close that hopefully nothing will go wrong. In a couple of weeks time we will be jetting off in a private plane for a mini break to the beach. Does it get any more more glamorous?!

This is not the first time we will have done this, the last time we did so it was a fabulous day of luxury leather seats on the plane, a very impressive cockpit (I rode shotgun on the way out) fantastic local wine and freshly caught fish, scrambling up sand dunes and some aeronautical acrobatics when we were feeling braver on the way home. Of course with it being a private plane there are no duty free allowances to worry about, although we all came back with a moderate amount of gorgeous French wine and chocolate. This time, I am getting more.

Frankly I cannot wait...and I will take you along for the ride.
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