Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Week in Instagram

So I have misplaced the cable that links my camera to my computer. This is a major frustration. I managed to  get the pictures from Radio 1 Hackney Weekend onto my hard drive in a very round about way, it involved another PC that has a working SD slot...very annoying. The most frustrating part? I know it MUST be in the house. I used it like a week ago. Anyway, serious tight chest looking for it all over the place.

In the meantime I have taken a few little snaps via Instagram, mainly on Saturday evening at a friends birthday party. I felt I had a totally undeserved hangover on Sunday when I woke up with standard hangover number 4; the 'Oh my god what is happening in my mouth dehydration' hangover. It wasn't until I remembered the offending seemingly innocent half pint of vodka jelly I gobbled up earlier in the evening (well it was a birthday party...jelly is a must).

Do not be fooled by innocent appearances...

Porn Star Marinis
Real men are comfortable drinking martinis...and kissing
My camera skills know no bounds
I seriously do not remember rocking shades...
...but I do the next day
Mini mud...this will get worse...
As honestly, it rained RELENTLESSLY...
for about 5 minutes
I think this was the start of the 'chicken' dance
This is something I am very excited about...
One of my fave restaurants coming to London
...Now I must hunt for my camera cable and get back to proper posts!
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