Saturday, 28 April 2012

Alpaca es su Paca

These gorgeous yet confused animals cannot decide what they want to be, they look all cute and woolly like a sheep, but have elongated necks and spit (apparently) like a camel. The Alpacas are the newest residents on the farm that houses the mastering suite come podcast recording studio for work.
The poor little mites had gotten completely soaked in the (wonderful) British weather, luckily the sun had come out for our exit from the studio. Inquisitive creatures although not that sociable, one did a little skip backwards when I almost touched him...the best bit? Their names; Dalai Llama, Barack O Llama and Osama Bin Llama! OK so these aren't their real names, they have just been coined in the office. Their real names are equally comically Keith, Ralph and Alan. No I don't know which is which...a nice little escape to the country followed by a very city evening, best of both worlds I say

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