Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Run, run as fast as you can

This weekend a good friend of mine completed the Virgin London Marathon - his first one, in an amazing time of 3 hours and 36 minutes. Now I have no aspirations to do anywhere near as good a time as that but man has it made we want to cross that finish line next year.

I always go and watch the marathon since living in London and it is such an emotional and inspiring day, however I've never been tempted to do it before. The furthest distance I have run 'competitively' (I use the term loosely, I am in no way competitive with my running, only against myself) is 5k. Last night I entered a 10k in under 8 weeks time. This is a big step for me! When I ran the 5k (over 2 years ago!) I was aiming for a time of 25 minutes. I was completely gutted with my time of 26 minutes. This time I am aiming for under an hour.

In the last two days I have run 9 miles and done a 30 minute swim. I am also going to do another 3 miles tonight. My back is aching but - no pain no gain right?

The Brighton Marathon is not ballot led, you can just enter, however I really want the prestige and support that I reckon only comes from London (any regional marathoners out there, please correct me if I'm wrong). I will enter for the London ballot and did think if I am not successful I will go for a charity place. PR (Pocket Rocket, pictured) ran for charity and doing so had to commit to raising £1,600. This year that figure has gone up to £1,800. The cancer charities I was thinking of running for are £2,000. I am not sure I can raise this sum (PR has some seriously good friends, and lots of them!) They must be in a really difficult position, obviously wanting to raise as much money for their causes as possible but that could deter me from raising anything for them.

So in the meantime, 10k training. I need to sort out a plan - not sure my 5k will just 'double up' but maybe...
And to any marathon runners out there - congratulations!
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