Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cannes we MIP it? Yes we Cannes

Another week, another work trip. This time it was 6 days in Cannes for a market called MIP (TV production companies are selling their programmes to international markets, lots of parties by the big channels and companies, think Playboy on a yacht, MTV bringing the cast of Jersey Shore to bar tend and Elle McPherson generally looking stunning). I usually don't get to appreciate any of this as work takes priority (obviously) but I was keen to do what I could.

These look a lot cooler than the British Inbetweeners

It was all class...

Two bottles of rum plus copious other amounts = bad move

I'm really looking forward to seeing the above show, Mr Selfridge about the private life of the man behind the empire set 100 years ago when the store was opened. Keep your eyes peeled for that (currently in production).

Obviously, being France the food, sweets and wine were incredible:

We also managed to find an incredible sushi place, right next door to our apartments. Heaven

Final bit of food porn...

Finishing the meal traditionally French with my favourite Get 27. Thank god I have managed to get rid of the green nails now.

As for Cannes...see you in October.
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