Sunday, 22 April 2012

Do The Truffle Shuffle

I came across the Truffle Shuffle website a few years ago after searching for a Burt & Ernie t-shirt (which I never found). What I did find however was this gem of a website. From the first shop I did purchase a Sesame Street t-shirt along with a Wombles 'Uncle Bulgaria Keep Britain Tidy tee, which went down tremendously.

Since then I have been following Truffle Shuffle on Twitter and Facebook. Every Friday the lovely people at Truffle Shuffle run a competition on their Facebook, either a maths puzzle (but a fun one) a caption competition or 'best answer wins'. I do this competition every Friday. Now I am one of these people who 'never wins anything', however one week I only went and did!

When it is a caption or best answer wins I put loads of effort in. When it's a maths puzzle I think about it strategically, ask around the office and give a couple of possible answers based on different scenarios. Yes you may think I'm a geek. You'd be right. The prize each week is a £25 voucher for the really is a fantastic marketing tool. At least 200 people enter the competition on a weekly basis. 

The week I won it was a particularly busy Friday at work. I had a brief chance to check the site and it was a maths quiz. Having no time I just threw down some numbers in the vain hope I may win. When I returned to my computer in the afternoon I dutifully checked the page and literally screamed in the office when I read my name! After weeks and months of strategically trying to get the answer right, putting loads of effort in and getting friends involved, the week I have no time to think about it I only go and get it right! 

I had already been eyeing up this sweater on the site before I won so it was a no brainier to get this. I love it, and every time I've worn it someone tells me they love it. Labyrinth was my favourite film when I was younger. I used to watch it every week from the rental van. Watching it now I'm not sure how suitable it was for a child but it still is an absolute classic film. Just go to the site, have a browse - guaranteed you will find something you need immediately, and you needn't worry about waiting long, I ordered this beauty on a Friday and it had an estimated dispatch date of only went and arrived on Saturday! You also get a retro sweet treat with every purchase.
Here it is again - don't you love it?

My only worry now is I won't be able to win again as I have once, and it was a lot of fun doing that every week! Maybe I'll try again soon - after all you never can have too much retro chic!

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