Thursday, 12 April 2012

Eating my way around Barcelona

On a recent work trip to Barcelona we managed to pack a lot into a small space of time, including a lot of food. From fresh seafood on the beach to traditional and non traditional tapas, sushi and snacks we had a fantastic haul. Here are some of the highlights.

Get ready to feel hungry:
Breaded Camembert
Accompanied by some Spanish wine of course
Calamari, standard

The freshest seafood, amazing
This was the first tapas place we visited. We opted for having a few light bites in a number of places to get a good selection, but honestly you could easily stay here. It was fantastic. Go if you are ever in the area
Ciutat Comta - fantastic vibe, food and value

Our second restaurant was simple, chorizo, tomato bread and tortilla

Seat reserved for the waiters, this tickled my companion
Authentic feel with the barrels
And a huge selection of wine
This place was rustic and I preferred the first. However it was nice to visit.

We also popped into a fantastic sweet and chocolate shop, yet managed to resist:

Our last meal was a strange hybrid, a Japanese restaurant that also served paella. It was right on the beach so great view, it turned out great food too. It's no secret sushi is my favourite food, I wasn't disappointed,

Seriously, I need to get back to the running now. I'm so out of shape (OK it was kind of worth it)
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