Monday, 23 April 2012

The Big Easy; Restaurant Review

Saturday's are good fun when you have no time pressure to do anything. Lazing in bed and wondering where the morning has gone followed by a non pressurised trip to Oxford Street (there was a good reason for this, I haven't gone insane. Also were having an opening party of their new store. Attention must be paid). We then headed off to Chelsea for cocktails, champagne and a really good dinner. Or that was the plan.

When we arrived in Chelsea we headed to the Botanist for cocktails. It was as predicted really great. We got a good seat in order to peruse the clientele and the drinks were delicious. I opted for (I think) a longbeach martini. The menu on the website isn't up to date. It was passion fruit, basil, coconut and some other things that shouldn't go together but really did. One drink later and we were off to The Big Easy. It was a recommendation from a friend that the food was great and the atmosphere too. Expectations being high can lead to a let down...

I had a real hankering for crab. I seen on the wall they had a number of menu items listed (a la an American style restaurant that advertises their specials). Garlic crab was listed and my mouth started to water. When we perused the menu this was unfortunately not on there. The only dishes were a 2lb crab or a mix including mussels which I wasn't in the mood for. I opted for the whole crab. When it arrived the size did not disappoint.

I was given the walnut cracker to get started but unfortunately not a bib. I was most disappointed as a) that's half the fun and b) other people had them, why not me? The crab was not very meaty - and I was pretty disappointed. I asked the woman for some tips on getting some more meat from this beast, she basically mumbled something and walked off. Tres disappointing. My dining partner opted for the Lux Burger which looked great. For sides we went for half & half (steak fries and onion rings) which were nice but nothing to write home about. The macaroni cheese we ordered as a side was plentiful and tasty. Not as good as you get in other places that serve good old mac and cheese.

Overall I was pretty disappointed, mainly because the crab was such a let down and I didn't get a bib. Poor show! I'm sure there are better places to go on the Kings Road.

Atmosphere: 2/5 (it was quite early, pre evening rush)
Food: 2/5
Drink: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5
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