Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The true test of a holiday...

When do you know you have had a proper vacation? When you have nothing to post about. For the last week (post Cannes) I have been doing nothing.of note. OK maybe not nothing here are the highlights:

1) I made my thai red curry and it had a great reception
2) My heart broke a little bit when I realised there is a Primark outlet in SELFRIDGES (!!!) in Birmingham
3) I ate at an Indian restaurant with Camel, Crocodile, Raindeer and a number of other weird and wonderful concoctions on the menu (I didn't actually dine with these animals you understand...)
4) I helped make macaroons, making almond paste is hard.
5) I had my nails painted (finally got rid of the St Patricks day green) the same colour as Louboutin nude

Here's what I have to show for a week off:

As for the W update, alas maybe I should just say there will be no further updates. Cynics of the world rejoice. 
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