Sunday, 15 April 2012

Roka Restaurant Review

I love finding a new restaurant by chance. This chance was W treating me to a hotel stay at West India Quay as soon as I got back from Cannes. It is so nice to ignore all the unpacking and mess in my own flat in favour of fresh Egyptian cotton on a massive comfy bed (that I don't have to make). Since we were in a random area we used the trusty iPhone to find what was nearby. As usual I fancied Japanese. As luck would have it Roka came up immediately. Off we headed.

The place we initially thought was it was absolutely packed with banging music - although we were sure it said Roka on the window. We made a swift exit and noticed it was actually upstairs. Phew. As soon as we exited the escalator it was as it should be, smelling of incense with someone waiting to greet us. Luckily we managed to grab the last table before the couple behind us were informed of a wait (booking is highly recommended).

W dutifully took to perusing the wine and Sake list. I grabbed the food menu and decided I wanted everything on it. The waitress kindly advised there were 3 kitchens with different ones serving different pages/choices. We opted for things from every kitchen.

We started of course with Sake and edamame (with chili and garlic)

Chef's special nigiri
Salmon and avocado maki

Scallop sashimi
Diligently waiting for baby back ribs while I snap them
Dessert for him, cocktail for me
It really was fantastic. I would go back as a date or with friends. It was on the medium/expensive side depending on how much you order. We could have gone for way more (especially the sushi).

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Drink: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 highly recommend for a special occasion.

So the wooing/romance be continued.
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