Monday, 30 April 2012

A Senior Slumber Party

When we were younger sleepovers consisted of crowding round in our sleeping bags, eating too much pizza and chocolate, watching loads of movies and talking about boys. Fast forward 15/20 years and a sleepover with a few ladies in their late twenties/early thirties consisted of crowding round a few bottles of champagne, eating too much pizza and chocolate, watching loads of movies and errr...well talking about boys. Not a lot has changed...although now we have credit cards.

The occasion was a get together of the bridal party for the upcoming nuptials on the 29th September. Also it turned our to be a rather horrible wash out towards the end of April, and we really didn't fancy dragging ourselves around town hitting bar to bar. So staying in was officially the new going out.

There was of course a range of high brow entertainment laid on

Some good friends...

...and some even better ones
We ordered pizza from Domino's before we filled up on too much junk. When it arrived about an hour later it was freezing cold...the first time I've ever had a bad order from there. A persuasive phone call and 20 minutes later two new steaming hot pizzas were at the door. From a dissatisfied group of hungry girls to a satisfied and stuffed group of customers. Touche Domino's.

Breaking in the new champagne glasses

Some seriously cool gin
Once food and DVD's had been maxed out it was onto a bit of Wii. When turning on Mario Party 8 the date of last play was October 2010, seriously has it been that long? It came back ever so fast and of course I won! Great game, love a bit of Wii. We also had some competitive maraca shaking with Samba Di Amigo. Brilliant workout, not so good for the downstairs neighbours...

Highly recommend an adult sleepover - I certainly enjoyed listening to the rain outside with drink in hand, happily full on good food and good company.
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