Thursday, 2 August 2012

Batman @ Rich Mix

Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises yet? If not I highly recommend you go and see it. Watch the others in the series first so you remember where we left off...I watched them about two months ago so could pretty much remember, although I'm still not sure if something something happened to something someone...(OK I'm not giving ANYTHING away!!)
The Dark Knight Rises!
The venue for this monumental movie watching (I literally haven't been to the cinema in an age, probably last takes a lot for me to commit to an evening of popcorn) was Rich Mix on Bethnal Green road. It is an amazing 'local' cinema. I remember falling in love instantly a few years ago when I realised you could take beer in! As well as the cinema the complex has a bar/cafe and sort of function room that holds everything from live music, theatre and at the minute a large screen with Olympics coverage. It is a really nice place to chill out.

The decor throughout the cinema and hallways is also gorgeous. From London landmarks printed in Pink on the walls to animal wallpaper forged in the way to make you really think. The interiors of the screens are all different and equally as nice as the next. Much chicer than your average Odeon or cold corporate feeling here. Also no need for 'standard' or 'luxury', all the seats are enormous and really comfy. As well as the blockbusters they show some smaller films and documentaries. If you are in the East London area, I recommend you check it out! (More here)
A bit dark (knight!) the interior of Screen 2 Rich Mix
Now on the subject of popcorn why is it a universal truth that it all seems to magically disappear before the film has started? And is it only me who on getting home are finding bits of popcorn everywhere?

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