Sunday, 19 August 2012

London's Best Burger: Wenlock & Essex

Mission: to find London's best burger's. This is Carrie vs Food.  The best bit? Being able to eat burgers and not feel guilty because it's 'research'. Tonight my research took me to Wenlock & Essex on the Essex Road in Islington. First thing, I absolutely love living within walking distance of these fantastic areas and restaurants.

Having followed them on Twitter I was aware of their burger offering. It wasn't until I briefly clocked the menu that I noticed the burger had pulled pork IN THE BUN...WITH THE BURGER. Try and keep me away. I didn't even look at the rest of the menu...I'm sure there are other relevant things on here...

We arrived around 7.15 on a gorgeous evening and the outside benches were packed. Luckily we managed to grab an inside table by a huge window...the best of both worlds if you ask me. The interior of the pub is really nice. It has a good mix of lovely big wooden tables and some leather sofas. The huge bar is more than adequate at keeping the queue moving fast. You also order your food at the bar.
Our view
There are optional extras you can add to your 'plain' old burger which already comes with pulled pork, dill pickle, roasted tomato and sauce, oh and the side of fries. Being the gluttons that we are we added blue cheese and jalapenos respectively.

The reveal: Ding Dong.
Drippy blue cheese (front) jalepeno (back)

First thing, the fries are really nicely textured skin on beauts that are not just secondary to the burger. There is also a lovely tangy chili.mustardy dip to both dip your chips and slather on your burger...if you didn't have cream cheese that is. You see the cheese was MELTY! In a good way but also in a really drippy, sauce all down your arms kind of way.
This is obscene, how will I fit this in my mouth?
Drippy out of focus...
Drippy in focus
The taste of the burger was really good. The tangy pickles went great with the medium rare meat. The only downfall, I couldn't detect the pulled pork. In all honesty in my burger fuelled excitement I had forgotten about the pulled pork until half way through. I picked off the lid (what was left of it) and inspected to see if I could see it. Nothing that resembled pulled pork at this stage but it was also reminiscent of a car crash...mess.

Also, for the price (£10 for the burger and chips, extra 50p to add cheese or jalapenos) this is great value. By the time we had finished the sun had set and the place was buzzing. I've been here before for drinks but I will definitely come back at the same time and eat first. Maybe on a different night of the week however as they take tastecard int he week for 50% off...amazing.

Completely non-strategic sign placement
Not up to the Honest Burger / Lucky Chip standard of burger, but a bloody good contender in a really fun atmosphere.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Drink: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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