Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Glossybox: International Superstars Edition

It only seems like 5 minutes since my last Glossybox arrived, so I was pleased to see the dispatch notification yesterday (time flies when you're having fun). It was satisfyingly heavy again so I could barely wait to ring around the office and get the customary crowd to ooh and ahh.

I was excited to see international superstars on the insert - although as ever I do not read this until I've had my eager mitts on the actual products. Here is your overview of August's Glossybox...

The first product that stood out (from it's sheer size) was the eye shadow palette. I didn't realise first off that the green corners were shades, I figured this was the design of the set, it wasn't until I read the card and seen  'a selection of 10 different colours' that I counted! These are all totally wearable shades. I tried on a couple of the deeper browns, which went on easily and were satisfyingly bold on their own. Often when I'm blending eye shadows they all merge into one, whereas these remained pretty independent.

Next up was the deep cleansing oil from DHC Japan. On initial inspection I though this was a hair oil, I have had similar products to this previously. Turns out it's a facial cleanser! I would have never have thought an oil could cleanse your face.. the card claims it's 'a revolutionary water-soluble cleanser that is better than any other make up remover you've ever tried'. My current packet of Johnson's make up wipes came to an end last night, so we shall see!

On opening the box there was an overwhelming smell of what I thought was t-tree. It turns out it is 'a soothing blend of mint, lavender and chamomile'. These scents make up the 'all for eve' lip balm. It had a pleasant consistency on my lips. Always useful - will probably live in my desk drawer.

Lipcote was the next thing that appeared through the tissue paper. I was expecting a lipstick but to see a clear nail varnish-y type affair greeted me. One of my colleagues who has previously used this product verified it is indeed a really good thing to keep your lipstick on, shame I'd just slathered them in all about eve balm.

Another product that did look like nail varnish is the Alessandro pro white brightening effect nail polish. I have never received a product like this, and was sure I had checked against receiving nail products in the options. I never have my own nails so there isn't much I can do with this. I will pop it with my collection of nail polishes for the next time I'm un-pedi'd as there is no reason your toe nails can't be radiant white!

I thought this was it, about to throw the box out when I took my customary final rummage among the black tissue...what was lurking within? A small black tube that looked suspiciously like a Glossybox branded lipstick. I then thought it may be a retractable make up brush. On inspection, it was...a lovely matt pink lipstick, full size. After popping it on, it was a really flattering colour. Now the balm had worn off I was also able to top it with the Lipcote to see if this has the desired staying effect.

The Lipcote was really strong tasting and a bit tingly on the lips. You have to keep your mouth open while it dries, which was really hard as it was making my mouth water! On drying the finish was really natural. As for the staying power? I'll let you know tomorrow...

And apologies for the dreadful picture quality, I'm iPhoning it today...
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