Sunday, 5 August 2012

We Feast; Pizza Pilgrims and Something Sweet

As per yesterday's post this weekend Guy's Hospital Quadrangle played host to 'the foodies Glastonbury'. We've seen the main vendors peddling their own very special brand of both street and restaurant food from all over London, but I've saved the best for last.

Walking around the stalls one in particular stood out. Serving freshly made pizza in front of you in their custom made pizza oven (which also happens to be a three wheeled mini truck), Pizza Pilgrims are the new kids on the block making a big impression.

Not being able to decide between Salami or Mushroom with Garlic I had them all. Loads of topping on one fresh. thin, stone fired base of Napoli goodness. There was also a chili number which is slow cooked pork belly that can be cooked on your pizza. I had a try thinking it wouldn't be too spicy. I literally almost started to cry it was so delicious yet so hot. Totally worth it though, until I tried to save my eye make up using the same hand I picked up the chili with = error!

The pizza was absolutely delicious really thin and behaves as a good pizza should..all stringy and falling apart, needing to be folded in half and eaten to be appreciated. Although there was no trouble in polishing it off, I was completely stuffed afterwards.
The Pizza Pilgrims Boys
The custom stone oven in the back of the van
Freshly made dough
I missed the flip...too quick!
Toppings fresh from Borough Market
My 'everything' pizza (back)
Hello there...
Apparently the pizza is oval shape because they're parked on a hill!
Mushroom, salami, garlic heaven
This beast needs to be folded to be eaten
The pork belly/chili concoction that could bring a man to his knees
On my initial walk around I came across these beauties. However having a brownie first would be bad form.
What I didn't realise is that these bad boys would sell out. School boy error, should have bought first and eaten after my pizza. They had escaped my clutches. Gutted.

There was luckily plenty of other sweet goodness on offer including Meringue Girls (cute name)

As well as these beauties and brownies, the dessert du jour seemed to be Macaroons. These little beauties were from Le Petit Paris

Which looked pretty good...but not as good however as those from Hawksmoor's Queen of Puddings Carla Henriques, four absolutely delicious flavours of mint chocolate, salted caramel, raspberry and forrero rocher.

The best was the salted caramel. The one above is the forrero rocher. They were as good as any other Macaroons I've ever had if not better (and yes this includes Laduree). As well as my pilgrimage to Berwick Street for a burger any day now I will also be heading to Hawksmoor for a steak and some of these.

I could eat these again now. All salted caramel with a mint chocolate chip to finish, it was incredibly minty and thus palette cleansing. Depending on when you read this you may or may not still have time to get to We Feast. They are serving until 10pm on Sunday (5th August). Online advance tickets are sold out but they were accepting walk in's for £8 entry.

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