Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Restaurant Review: Giant Robot

Checking somewhere off my most wanted list is pretty satisfying. It's also pretty torturous when you are trying to be good (read healthy) and end up at a place that serves Lucky Chip Royale's with Cheese. How unfair.

Working practically opposite Giant Robot it's bizarre we haven't eaten there until now, we have drank at the bar of course but the meatballs and sliders have evaded us, and thus continue to do so. I absolutely love the decor and feel of this place. As it was a sunny day the 'pavement' seating was full so inside it was. After perusing the menu / trying to find something healthy yet satisfying I opted for crab spaghetti. Call it a hangover from Strada where they have the calories on the menu and the seafood linguine is one of the lowest calorie things on there. The others opted for flavoured piadine's. After a quick Google turns out these are flatbreads. I was expecting something like a pizza, which it was not.

On the side of my small crab spaghetti I ordered green beans, figuring again to be healthy. Best intentions can be a minefield, the beans had been well cooked in something delicious (cue fattening) and were lovely and garlic-y, making me think they weren't all that good for me at all. When the crab spaghetti arrived for a small it was sizable for lunch time. I could also tell immediately it was in a pretty rich (cue fattening) sauce. It was however delicious. There wasn't loads of crab but there was definitely a decent amount. The piadine's (spicy lamb and egg plant respectively) looked absolutely delicious. As I felt like I was restricting myself I had food envy, although generally a seafood pasta would be my first choice.

The above is completely redundant if you are in a place that serves the most delicious burgers ever as well as gorgeous looking sliders (the tables around us were super lucky).

The decor is super cool, and as a sucker for the small touches I love that there are retro tea towel's as napkins. I'm also a sucker for iron work and cool lighting...

The food is good, next time I go it's burgers all the way.

Atmosphere: 4/5, such a cool place
Food: 4/5, you can't go wrong with lucky chip
Drink: 4.5 great selection of cocktails, and the water comes with finely sliced cucumber nice
Overall: 4/5

Love you, I'll be back x
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