Saturday, 11 August 2012

Street Feast London

Friday night's this summer are all about stuffing your face. The fact I can do this at London's best pop up market 5 minutes from my house / crash sofa makes it all the better. Street Feast London has moved from Shoreditch up to it's current pitch near Dalston Junction.

Some of the best street vendors in London pitch up each Friday with a different selection every week. Top of my piggy little list is The Ribman and their famous Holy F*ck sauce. After seeing the tray of half a rack of ribs i was feeling like I wanted to pork in my mouth faster than having to pick it off the bone, so I opted for the rib meat roll. I was NOT expecting this mammoth feast. It is practically obscene.
Vat of pork ribs
Stuffing it in
Holy F*ck
What a beast
Pork me
Signature sauce
I have placed it near the Kopparberg to try and gauge the scale, this beast was enormous and absolutely stuffed with juicy pork rib with some of the signature sauce. Not knowing how f*****ck it was going to be, I opted for a small amount. This was a wise move as it sure did have a kick to it. I wish I'd opted for half this and half the BBQ as this was apparently delicious.

How do you top a ribman? How about a Kimchi burger? Kimchi is like a spiced cabbage topping that goes onto a beef patty with a topping of cheese, served between a toasted bun, amazing.
The 'world famous' kimchi cult burger

The Kimchi, a spiced cabbage mix apparently

Pure filth
Next up, Molly Bakes. Serious cake porn. Cupcake or brownie? Today I was feeling brownie and my favourite thing...cheesecake. The cakes here look amazing, most of them are spiced with booze. But my brownie was laced with cheesecake.

You're all mine
Unfortunately it is not as good as it looked. I would even go as far to say I can make better ones. In fact it has made me want to whip out my mixing spoon and make a batch, but I digress. They weren't moist as you would hope from a high class brownie. Disappointed.

The cool kids
PS I've taken the date stamp from my photos, I mean it wasn't showing the right time anyway. Do I prefer it this way? Hmmm time will tell. If you have had your appetite whetted you can find out which vendors will be popping over to Dalston next Friday here. There is no end date as such yet, but I would recommend making the most of it while it's here. From 5pm-late. Postcode for you Google Mappers E8 3DU

Full disclosure...I did not eat this entire feast myself!
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