Friday, 10 August 2012

Lazy Brunch

Summer is finally here (she types with half squinted eyes and fingers crossed in the vein hope if we don't say it too loudly it won't hear and bugger off again) so what is to be done about it? Brunch atop Shoreditch House of course.

We have come to the conclusion we prefer Shoreditch House to it's big brother Soho House, it's just cooler and the lazy lawn is smoking hot. It also is home to my favourite cinema, but on this occasion we were here for the eggs.

On the 6th floor there is the pool where, being summer holidays lots of very privileged children were splashing about and making merriment while their parents tapped away on Macbooks. We settled in to some freshly squeezed orange juice and took in the ambiance.
View to the pool from the restaurant
Shoreditch House Breakfast/Brunch Menu
After much deliberation I opted for Eggs Benedict. It is my go-to brunch dish so I had to try it here, knowing it would score highly on the scale of Benedict's I've tried in my time. M opted for the avocado on toast which I would later have massive food envy. It seemed like the healthier option as mine was slathered in hollandaise sauce, but there must have been 5 avocado's making up this bad boy! Perhaps the eggs weren't so bad after all  especially after the Honest Burger's we had devoured the night before.
Here it is again, in case you missed it! Benedict and Avocado
After brunch we dragged ourselves to the Box Park opposite for some Fro-Yo before heading to work, thoroughly sorry we couldn't spend the day on the Lazy Lawn sipping smoothies and making the most of the sun while it is deciding to make an appearance.
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