Thursday, 9 August 2012

Restaurant Review: Honest Burgers

Following a very successful Brixton venture, founder Tom Barton has whipped up a small frenzy by opening Honest Burgers in the heart of Soho, interestingly pretty much opposite the also newly opened Burger Lobster.

Having only opened on the weekend and with no advertising word of mouth had this place packed out on Wednesday night with queues forming from around 7pm. We were lucky enough to get a seat right in the window.
The view from our window seat
Packed house
Good crowd
The queue when we left
The menu is straight forward with 90% of the clientele (including ourselves) opting for the signature beef burgers. there are also a choice of chicken and specials, which tonight included black pudding instantly making it untouchable for us.

The burgers come from between £7-£9 depending on how much topping you want on them. I went for everything (the Honest burger). My date opted for the cheese with mature cheddar, as there is a choice of three cheeses. Tom, the mastermind behind Honest is in the kitchen lovingly preparing each burger. Very reassuring to have someone so hands on.

All burgers come with a side of triple cooked fries and house slaw was as optional extra, which of course I went for. I still haven't tasted one as good as Pitt Cue...As for the drinks, the wine is served as it should be in short tumblers, the G&T's as well as homemade lemonade come come in these amazingly charming little jars.

On arrival the burgers are served in chic enamel dishes with mismatched cutlery. The interior of the whole place has a charming rustic feel and these small touches really make all the difference. Not as big as some of the other contenders in London's best burger eat off, but the filling is vast. The meat is reassuringly thick and there are such amazing combinations of flavours every bite tastes slightly different...corny, but true. These burgers aren't just good for the first couple of bites and then become a bit samey - these are amazing until every last bit has been mopped off the plate with your final rosemary salted, triple cooked chips.
The Cheeseburger with mature cheddar
The Honest Burger, ding dong
The huge vat of Slaw
Hand for scale
All the meaty goodness with a seriously good filling and bun
The gorgeous little touch where the bill is hidden
Overall this was a really great evening, a buzzy restaurant with great food that really is what it says on the tin. Good, Honest food, with a great crowd in a fabulous location.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Drink: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Find them here and on twitter @honestburgers
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