Monday, 20 August 2012

Saturday Market's: Broadway and Netil

It has taken me a good couple of years to remember on which days Broadway and Columbia market are open, resulting in some sad days without cake or flowers respectively. I've finally gotten in down, Cakes and delicious goodness of Broadway market = Saturday, Cheap arm loads of flowers = Sunday.

On this fabulously sunny Saturday a trip to the former was in order. Although I am still trying to be good and not eat loads of rubbish there is no harm in looking right??
Mini cupcakes...I'm not tempted yet.
As they get bigger I choose to blank the salted caramel ones
Gorgeous looking savories too, bread...
The hugest bulbs of garlic ever and cheese (temptation kicks in)

Chorizo and other sausages

Fudge. Oh for the love of god

This in particular was really REALLY hard to ignore

But THIS presents the biggest challenge of the day. New York Vanilla Cheesecake is my absolute favourite

Just stop.

Random brass band passing through

I wish I had bought this plate, I may try and head back next week to see if it's there.

Just around the corner from Broadway Market is Netil Market, home of the amazing Lucky Chip Burger van (more on that here). Part in between in a small school playground converted for the overspill, which is super cute...who fancies a game of hopscotch while choosing what to eat?!

Lucky Chip van, swoon

Bike central

Hopscotch anyone?
Supplies were stocked for an afternoon in London Fields, I absolutely love seeing the guys here with their proper BBQ's wheeled out. There is literally a fog over the field with the fumes. Love the BBQ smell it's like nothing else. Maybe we appreciate it so much because we get it so rarely. Please stay though sunshine, we love you. Regards London.
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