Sunday, 4 March 2012

BBQ Pulled Pork

So, for some reason unknown to me this post about something as mundane as a sandwich has had a ridiculous number of views in comparison to what I feel are much more interesting posts. However, I should really give the people what they want, and it so happens I had another particularly delicious sandwich this week...

Reading Sticky BBQ pulled pork on a specials blackboard really is something I wish we could see more often. Match it with loads of cheese and some wholemeal bread and you have yourself a party in your mouth at lunchtime.

Unfortunately due to reasons of a) being starving and wolfing it down quicker than you can say oink and b) the pictures coming out so blurry due to the two handed nature of holding the thing I've only managed one picture which I'm sure doesn't do it justice.

Still, here you lucky people. My lunch on Friday from a bakery in a small town in Essex called Halstead. I give you BBQ Pork food porn.

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