Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bowling Deficiency Part II

So from previously you will know my bowling leaves a lot to be desired. Still not to be deterred I figured practise makes perfect.

It was my first trip to Colchester and admittedly I was disappointed on early surveillance. I was expecting to walk into a scene from Booze Britain, young scantily glad girls possibly in white stilettos teetering about with lager lout blokes chasing them. It was a remarkably normal town with none of the stereotype nonsense...darn it!

Before the dreaded activity of bowling we were going to Noodle Bar, and I had heard good things. I was instantly excited to hear we were just going to order all the starters/sharers. Oh yes. Even though I had a delicious lunch...I was ready for this.

I think of myself as a pretty decent orderer..people often get entree envy when dining with me, but I do stick to certain types of things. Tonight was to be no exception; king prawns, garlic, chili, noodles, line...it was allll sounding so good.

It was delicious. By this stage I was also getting through a fair bit of Sauvignon blanc...I figured it would only help.
The bowl plex was a bit out of town, so off we trooped in cars (cars! Driving in London is so alien...)

On arrival is when we realise it was clearly neon night, or was it always neon? I suspect I will never know! Luckily I'd worn just the socks for the occasion.

Although everyone else did the whole 'oh I'm rubbish can't bowl for toffee nonsense..' someone actually used the phrase 'bowling is my sporting Achilles heel' (the same guy also said 'my body isn't a temple it's a funfair, but that's a whole other story). However all these people were clearly bluffing/being modest/hustling/lying delete as appropriate. I was the only one to actually suck. And honestly I was a little gutted. Not even one half strike to my name. Mostly I was having to be considered lucky if I hit a pin. Even a stint using the special rolling track reserved for children did little to enhance my performance.

The choice of beverage in the establishment was limited...
I may now hang up my bowling shoes. Does anyone else share this absolute inability to roll a ball down a heavily greased alley?
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