Monday, 12 March 2012

My new favourite lunch place

Takeaway lunch places...a minefield of mediocre food that doesn't fill you up. I am an avid sushi fan, and a big fan of the Hana box from Wasabi. It is however pushing £7 - that my friends adds up significantly over the month when it doesn't include any drinks or snacks.

There are plenty of other places to get sushi from...Itsu is nice but even more expensive than Wasabi, supermarkets = terrible (what's the point in sushi that barely contains fish, let alone raw fish) and loads of independents - which I like, however I tend to find you don't get enough to fill you up unless you go over the one standard box/set.

Enter Abokado. It is a chain but has recently opened near Chancery Lane station. It is practically opposite Wasabi (and directly opposite M& us from terrible sushi). I popped in after noticing it after a trip to M&S, since then I've been back almost every day. The portions are great and varied. Most of the boxes include salad - so it a) takes you longer to eat and b) gives a bit of variety. The fish is lovely and fresh, the rice firm and sticky, the avocado in the rolls ripened to perfection. There is also a kicking chili dressing for the salad.

My only qualm? Not enough soy sauce. It's only a small sachet which isn't enough for the whole tray (I like my soy). My advice? Buy a bottle from the supermarket and leave it on your desk...never worry about rationing amongst your pieces again. 

The box I have favoured (to be honest, I've been a sucker for this one every time) is the Deep Blue for a not bank breaking...£5.39. Great value as far as I can see. 

Now if only I could manage one time where one of the rolls doesn't fall in my soy pot...
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