Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossybox - Harrods Special Edition

I had been considering signing up for Glossybox for a couple of months, but hadn't found a compelling enough reason...until they announced that March would be the Harrods Special Edition. Needless to say I was straight over to the website to sign up.

On Friday I received an email to say my box had been shipped and would be 2-3 days, I'd forgotten about the order so got very excited when this email came in. I then immediately forgot again so when my box arrived at work this morning I was thrilled with my gorgeous looking package.
I opted to have it delivered to work for two reasons: 1) I know someone will be in when they deliver and 2) so I can open with female colleagues and we can all ohh and ahh together. Today was hopefully the first of many. I was fairly eager to tear in to see my goodies...ahem
Luckily I hadn't read any blogs or Facebook on the matter beforehand as I wanted a surprise, so I also put the 'menu card' to one side so I could see the real things first hand.

So beautifully packaged, my expectations were high on tearing into the tissue. It's nice how much thought goes into the boxes, especially with small details like having the lid on the same way round so when you open it the label is right and then the products inside. I really appreciate the small touches.

Luckily on opening I wasn't disappointed at all. First off spotting Molton Brown, then Clarins, then YSL. I actually thought I had two perfume samples...imagine my delight when my colleague pointed out one was a Burberry lipstick.
It is also a gorgeous colour. I love the detailing they do with their products, having the signature check embossed on the stick as well as the packaging...gorgeous.

Colour 04
I'm looking forward to trying it out, but feel it's more of an evening colour so that will have to wait. So onto the other products, the YSL youth liberator - unsure how to make one drop cover my whole face, but I certainly will try. It smells quite clinical, so that must mean it works (we'll see...). I sprayed on some Narciso Rodriguez which is surprisingly really nice. It is unfortunately a tiny bottle (expected) but with a very generous spray, so I fear this will last about 5 minutes.

The Molton Brown heavenly ginger smells good and will find a temporary home in the bath where it will be used in no time. The Clarins extra firming body cream felt silky on my hands and 30ml is quite a decent size.

So it's early days...but so far so good! I will go as far as to give the box 9/10. Generous maybe, but I'll definitely be keeping my subscription on for next month to see what happens. Worth every £12.95 to brighten up your Monday no end.

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