Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Meet me at the Drift

Liverpool Street isn't exactly short of bars. Having worked in the area for two years I have frequented them all. Often. One that opened last year however is worth note. Heron Tower has been looming over the city in various states of completion for a couple of years. So far only one bar has opened within - The Drift. The higher floor scenic bars and restaurants are still under construction.

Slicker than your average city bar, The Drift offers laid back and tasteful decor, a varied (yet not inexpensive) cocktail menu and an extensive and far more reasonably priced wine list. The food is also darn good.
Do you remember at school taking a tea bag to a piece of paper then tearing the edges away? Apparently this is acceptable grown up behaviour when developing your cocktail specials
We were here to celebrate the announcement of a friends wedding. I already knew and had already been asked to be Chief Bridesmaid (yes this is daunting) however the final Bridesmaid of the trio was yet to find out that a) L was engaged, b) she was a bridesmaid or c) the wedding is a mere 6 months away. More on this later...
We opted for a couple of sharing plates and devoured them all too quickly:
Macaroni Cheese was immense
Squid (back) and foccacia
After 'dinner' and a couple of bottles (well...we were celebrating) there was no way we were leaving without a sharing fondue.

Long marshmallows - genius
The only problem was, not enough dippers. We were forced to dip ourselves straight in the pot. A good sign of a night out? Literally burning the candles down to nothing - and then replacing them to start again!

I would recommend the drifts for groups of friends rather than dates/family as it is a city crowd (although slightly better than your a-typical city bar). There is an amazing fish tank in the lobby to the building. Definitely worth checking out. 
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