Monday, 12 March 2012

Instagram Saturday

Saturday was a strange day. It started in what I hoped would be a whole series of posts about the transformation of myself into a glasses free existence. It turned out that was not to be. So instead we drank champagne, ate nice food and then did the unthinkable in March...sat outside for our evening meal. (On this note, I really think a 'non-smoking' section should be put into place where there is outdoor seating. Just because I am not indoors doesn't mean I want your second hand smoke over my risotto.)

Here are a few instagram shots of the day.
So, this never really got off the ground...

Spot of champagne lunch in the Selfridges branch of Hix with Calamari and Chips w/ curry sauce...

Insane amount of love for this Louboutin bag
I don't know this woman - who has more than a touch of Chanel about her...

When I grow up I will have a garden with a bar and fantastic lawn furniture to throw very sophisticated parties

Cocktails in Dirty Martini Covent Garden...aka where the slowest bar tenders in the world reside 
There are no photos of our alfresco dining at Cafe Mode, however I can say the heaters there are very effective. Also with 50% off on Tastecard I didn't even mind when the Cheesecake came out frozen so I couldn't eat it. Saved a few calories though...champagne tomorrow then.
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