Friday, 16 March 2012

The Mulberry Bayswater

There is no substitute for your eye site. But if you can't have that, I would say Mulberry is a good consolation prize.

Even though it is still currently in it's bag the smell of leather is deliciously oozing in the air. I wish you had smell-o-vision. Selfridges was almost closing at 5.45pm on Sunday, but we were deliberating between this and my new baby...but first the unwrapping:

The main event. It is even better now than I remember it in the shop. And it's not that I like to play favourites with my handbags but they are all currently quivering in their dust bags.

Coveting my new baby
Are you in love yet? Me too. In case not, let's see if Instagram can make you swoon...

I can't wait to use her, instant spring-in-steppiness...For your very own, this is the link to the small Bayswater in Oak Natural Leather
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