Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Working on Monday...a mug's game

As I was recently in Berlin at the film festival over my weekend I took today off in lieu to catch up on some zeds, mooch about and generally make the most of a free Sunday evening not getting the dreaded and oh so familiar 'Sunday night feeling', which for me usually kicks in around 6pm.

This week however Sunday was my Saturday and Monday was to be a lazy Sunday. For this monumental (OK I'm over egging it now) occasion I decided to get out of London. And country air was just bloody brilliant.

We spent most of the day hunting for phantom keys that went missing after everyone came home a little sozzled on Saturday (real Saturday, not my Sunday Saturday...are you keeping up?) however for the more enjoyable part we tootled around my favourite kitchen shop, ate pizza and sunned ourselves in the conservatory (and more digging under sofa cushions, in beds, under stairs, in freezer for keys.)

Lots of Jubilee memorabilia about

Quick hit in Joules...

Why anyone would chose to work Monday's is a mystery. I wonder what will happen first, working Monday's will be abolished or the phantom key thief will reveal itself...
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