Friday, 2 March 2012

Champagne Saturdays

Westfield - The Village. A place I like, a lot. Dior, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo the perfect place for a champagne bar. One I have never frequented...until now.

For lunch (before Quaglino's in the evening) we opted for champagne and nibbles. Here is the selection of what we had...delicious.

Macaroons, Champagne Truffles, Mackerel pate, Crayfish tails and lemon mayonnaise and my personal favourite the crab meat. We drank Billecart Salmon Brut and Verve Clicquot.
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  1. Fantastic post!!!! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You've got wonderful taste and a nice sense of style - you are amazing!!! Have a great weekend!!! :-)

    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog, looks great - Paris is amazing! x